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Stephanie Lister

Crystalicious Massage


Phone : 0447 196 984

My journey with crystals started at a critical time in my life and evolved into a deep passion of the tools the earth offers us for healing and support.

Along with the study of Crystal Resonance Therapy™, Reiki and Massage, I immersed myself in travelling throughout the world connecting with the sacredness of the earth, the wild spirit of the land and ceremony in many different cultures. As the journey continues my intention through Crystalicious Massages and monthly new moon circles is to facilitate womin to immerse themseves in the delicious well of ancient knowledge that resides within their hearts, the door way to our infinite potential and the divine Medicine Womin that resides within us all.

Certification: CRTh, Reiki, Massage


Peta Anderson

Soul Choice


Phone : 07 5488 6714

There is nothing like the healing abilities of crystals! If you are ready to heal yourself and break free from self imposed restrictions, then open yourself to the rest of your life, the life you want to live!

Soul Choice provides a relaxed, professional place to facilitate your healing through the modality of Crystal Resonance Therapy™.

It really is a.... Soul Choice!

Certification: CRTh, PAHT Practioner, Reiki Master/Teacher








Sandie McArdle


Phone : 613-617-5588

My aim is to help people become more conscious. What does that mean, you might ask? So often in this lifetime we have chosen to be blind to things we have created that are now in the way of our becoming the person we are meant to be. I help to uncover these bits and to help the client understand them, love them and where appropriate to let them go or change them into something that does work.

My desire is to help people learn to live a life which is grounded, neutral and heart-centred.

Certification: Reiki Master, CRTh, Psychdramatic Bodywork, Counsellor, Angel Therapy, BARS Facilitator, energy facilitator




Patty Scrivens

TAO Crystals & Healing Centre


Phone : 613-288-2274

As well as offering the above services, I also offer a full range of workshops at the centre and other energy medicine modalities through other certified practitioners. Long distance healing is also available.We look forward to serving you. Check us out at or

Certification: CRTh; Primus, Crystal Ally Card Reader, Crystal Healer, Algonquin Medicine Ceremonies, Order of Melchezidek








Lynne McDermott

Blueskyz Healing

Heanor, Derbyshire

Blueskyz is a community interest company, that works on a not for profit basis, to provide a facility which offers a local, and regional wide service. We bring together a wide range of therapists who are drawn to Blueskyz, and therefore we can offer an extensive variety of holistic therapies.

Crystal Resonance Therapy is available through myself.

In working with a diverse group of healers and educators, we are able to collectively share information and build the platform for integrated holistic health and education.

Certification: CRTh, PAHT Practioner, Hazel raven college of BioDynamics Crystal Therapy








Linda Herzog


Phone : (520) 907-4889

Crystal Resonance Therapy TM is based upon aspects of both quantum physics and Newtonian physics, utilizing basic laws of energy movement and electormagnetism to effectively shift energetic blocks and patterns within the physical body and energetic field. During a session the client experiences warmth, well-being and a release from limiting patterns and blockages. Clients often report a sense of heightened connection to their spiritual guides and a sense of expanded conciousness. Sessions include an intake, full energy system assessment and balancing, appropriate crystal or stone placement and guided meditation. Crystal Resonance Therapy™ was created and taught personally to me by Naisha Ahsian, an Internationally known crystal expert, Director of the Crystalis Intstitute for Personal and Planetary Transformation and the co-author of the Book of Stones. If you are in the Tucson area and are interested in experiencing a Crystal Resonance Therapy Session please contact me!

Certification: Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist™





Toni Crotty, CRTh, PAHT Pract., CAMT

Be Well and Wise and Playful!


Phone : 510-339-7276

Trained and gifted with the ability to hear the body's wisdom, and healing guidance, Toni Crotty, MA, CAMT, CRTh, is a Transformational Wellness Coach, Holistic Teacher, Energy Healer, and founder of Be Well and Wise and Energized! For nearly two decades, Toni has offered compassion, humor, healing hands, and a healing heart to clients and students.

Toni’s life changing classes offer new perspectives on self-love, and infinite tools for self-care, promoting more energized and joyful living. Customizing multiple modalities to suit individual needs, Toni shepherds clients and students on the path to vital health, peace of mind, personal power, and spiritual wholeness.

Toni offers healing and balancing Jin Shin Jyutsu, or Crystal Resonance Therapy Sessions, which may include Guided Meditations, or Shamanic Healings, such as Cord Cutting, when appropriate.

Toni has advanced training in Chronic and Critical Conditions, which is her specialty. Doctors are often surprised by how quickly Toni’s clients heal. Clients often report increased relaxation, and a sense of relief after working with Toni.

Certification: MA, CRTh, PAHT Pract., CAMT, Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Toni serves the world community with Phone, Skype, and Distance Healing Sessions. Please contact Toni for a free consultation to begin your healing journey today.




Sandra Marie

Alasandra Healing Center


Phone : 303-520-4552

As an energy therapist, I identify energy imbalances and use appropriate techniques to help bring your energy systems into greater balance and harmony.

Certification: Crystal Resonance Therapist (CRTh)

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Tevia Chiert

Ft. Lauderdale

Phone: 954-777-6946

I have seven year of experience as a Reiki Master practioner and Reiki Master Teacher (2005). Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist (2007) and completed my Crystal Resonance Therapist Teacher training under Naisha Ahsian (2009).

Certification: Crystal Resonance Therapist (CRTh) , Reiki Master Teacher, Primus Activation Healing Technique Practitioner (PAHT Pract.)



Fran Oppenheimer RN, LMT, CPEH, CRTh

Holistic Healing Hands


Phone : 352-275-1848

Fran Oppenheimer RN, LMT, CPEH, CRTh has been a practitioner of the healing arts for over 20 years. In addition to being a Registered Nurse specializing in the care of critically ill children, and a licensed massage therapist, Fran has trained in Homeopathy, and is a nationally certified practitioner of Esoteric Healing(CPEH). Fran has also completed a 2 year intensive training with Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones, and is certified in Crystal Resonance Therapy™ (CRTh). Fran delights in bringing the energetic into the physical and combining her skills in various modalities to assist clients in finding balance and ease in an effective and helpful way. Fran has an active practice in Gainesville, FL.

Certification: RN, LMT, CPEH, CRTh





Carol Hendrickson


Phone : 912-247-4555

Sessions generally include aspects of Crystal Resonance Therapy™ , Psych-K. and a bit of Reiki, depending on the needs of the client. All sessions are held in strictest confidence. Distance healing sessions are available on request. Sessions involving only Crystal Resonance Therapy™ , Reiki or Psych-K. are available as well, if desired by the client. Intuitive readings using The Crystal Ally Cards are available and can be conducted via Skype for those outside of the local Savannah area.

Certification: CRTh, Crystalis Institute Instructor for Becoming the Human Crystal class Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master, Psych-K Practitioner





Maria Celeste

The Center For Creative Healing /Gems by Celestial Dancer


Phone : 317.690.1335

A healing wellness session with MariaCeleste leaves you feeling powerfully encouraged to go forth seeking new dimensions. Maria uplifts the spirit and renews your heart and your faith in yourself and in those with whom you choose to journey. Maria Celeste utilizes her gifts and talents for teaching and coaching and channeling all around the world in and for churches, profit and non-profit organizations, with groups and with individuals. Maria Celeste offers a wide variety of services for the individual and for groups; for special occasions, classes and products.

Certification: An Ordained Minister in the Church of Melchizedek; A Third Order Dominican;Clairvoyant,audient, sentiet Medium/Channeler/Advisor; A Fourth Degree Reiki Master-Teacher/Practitioner; Certified under Melody as Master of Crystology Level I & Level II...Laying on of Hands, Laying on of Stones; Certification in Crystal Resonance Therapy™ from the Crystalis Institute under the direction of Naisha Ahsian. An ERT and Kinesiology Practitioner; A Certified Teacher -Coach of Success: Full Living; a contemporary approach to spiritual responsibility. Trained and Coached by Father Justin in the Silva Method, a method designed to elevate the creative powers of your mind by the use of visualization and imagination, positive thinking and meditation.




Sheila Cook

Rooted Resonance


Phone : 207-749-3832

Certifications : CRTh, PAHT practioner


Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy

LMT; RMT; CRTh; PAHT pract. & IET pract.

BodyKneads & Energetics


Ph: (207)883-1440

Offering: Therapeutic Massage and a variety of bio-energetic healing modalities ~ Specializing in Crystal Resonance Therapy™ and

Primus Activation Healing Technique™ facilitations.

Distance healing facilitations, Crystal & Stone consultations, and

BioMat™ sessions are also available.

Elemental Attunements Jewelry

“Elemental Attunements Jewelry, jewelry created with intention!” is designed to employ the benefits of resonance with the archetypal energies of the Elemental Kingdom, and the electromagnetic and chemical frequencies of crystals, stones and Earth Metals.

Silla is a 2010 graduate of Naisha Ahsian’s Crystalis Institute and holds certifications in both Crystal Resonance Therapy™ and Primus Activation Healing Technique™. In 1996 she graduated as a Certified Massage Therapist from New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts. She is a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Maine and a profession level member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1996. Additionally, she is a certified Reiki Master Teacher; Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Master, and a certified IET practitioner.






Anahata Roach

Anahata Crystal Therapy

St. Louis

Phone : 314-616-5416

Crystal Resonance Therapy™ sessions are offered as well as Crystal Ally Card readings. For more information on Anahata and her practice, visit her website at

Certifications : CRTh, Usui Reiki Master, Sekhim-Seichim-Reiki Master Teacher, IET


Nia Kallhof

Crystals of Light Address

Willow Springs

Phone : 417-252-4538

Nia is available to do Crystal Resonance Therapy™, Crystal Workshops, Meditation Instruction at Hearthaven in Missouri or at your location.

CRT is gentle and non-invasive, including "laying on" crystals and meditative techniques. Nia, a certified CRT practioner will use interview and energetic assessment to determine which crystals and stones to place on your body and in what arrangement. As the stones are positioned, she will energetically activate each one. Your physical body and energy field will be brought into resonance with the crystals for maximum effect. You will receive guidance to balance your enegy centers and allow a free flow of energy. When all the stones have been placed, you will be brought into resonance wit the full spectrum of Light energy, a relaxed pleasurable state, allowing for optimal physical and emotional healing, as well as spiritual expansion. You may also be guided in a meditation to find and clear "stuck" energy patterns. Nia will consult with you about which stones were used and how this relates to your physical and emotional health and spiritual growth.

Certification: Primus Practioner, CRTh(crystal healer), Breathwork Rebirthing Practioner, Divine Mother Meditation/yoga instructor



New Hampshire


Carolyn Trott

Red Horse Wellness


Phone : 508-904-6857

Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist™, Certified Holistic Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Reiki Level III




Skye Stephenson

Jade Journeys


Phone : 603-762-1259

Dr. Skye Stephenson offers crystal healing sessions that help facilitate balance and grounding. A trained CRT crystal healer, she has developed a unique type of crystal healing that draws upon various shamanic traditions as well as her own channeled information.

Dr. Stephenson is involved in both individual practice, as well as place healing (ie. setting up crystal grids,etc) and group crystal sessions to help promote collective transformation.

She lives in Southern New Hampshire, and is very open to barter and/or exchanging of services. Certification: Crystal Resonance Therapist (CRTh) Crystal Healer




Rev. Dr. Nancy Pedersen

Nancy's Holistics


I am here to help you be the best person you can be and to help you realize your dreams.

Certifications : CRTh, Reiki/Seichim Master, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Chakra/Aura Therapist, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Certified Intuitive Divination Practitioner





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