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Article Submission Guidelines

Crystal Resonance Magazine seeks thoughtful, thought provoking articles by crystal healers and crystal lovers that will serve to educate and illuminate. Articles should be of interest to healing practitioners and the public at large, and should come from a firm foundation in the actual use of stones. All articles should contribute to the improvement of our collegial body of knowledge of crystal healing and crystalline consciousness.

Crystal Resonance Magazine seeks to move beyond articles on the healing properties of specific stones. We seek deeper articles on clinical experience with crystal healing, the incorporation of crystals into other vibrational healing modalities, and new techniques that can be used by healing practitioners in their own practices.

Articles should be:

  • Up to 1000 words in length sent as an attachment in .rtf or .doc format (no PDF please).
  • Credits should be properly noted when referring to the work of others or outside sources of information
  • May be accompanied by up to 3 photos pertaining to the subject of the article. Photos must be the sole property of the author or be accompanied by written permission for use and copyright information. Photos can be up to 250x250px in JPEG format.
  • Submit a head shot of the author (up to 250x250px) along with a brief bio.
  • Articles that are not accepted for publication in one issue may be held for use in a future issue.
  • Submit articles to

At this time we are not accepting articles pertaining to any particular product or trademarked crystal. Articles should be informative and should promote the sharing of healing knowledge. Articles intended solely for the promotion of a practitioner and/or their practice, or deemed as advertisement will not be accepted.

At this time, Crystal Resonance Magazine does not pay authors for articles published in the magazine. Each article that is accepted will feature the practitioner's bio and picture.

Listing in the practitioner directory is not necessary for articles to be considered, but if an article is accepted from a practitioner who does have a listing in the directory, that practitioner's listing will be featured in that issue.


Upcoming Due Dates

December 2013 : Nov. 21

March 2014: Feb. 21

June 2014: May 21

September 2014: August 21

December 2014: Nov. 21

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